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About Us

We're Pahmer Audio, a small but dedicated team who are passionate about creating high-quality home audio products from Toronto, Canada. We understand that everyone's taste in music is different, and we believe that your audio equipment should be tailored to your unique listening preferences. That's why we hand assemble each of our products in-house and use only the best components and materials available. When you choose Pahmer Audio products, you're choosing a company that prioritizes quality and puts the customer first.

Our founder, Thom Pahmer, has a great affection for design, carpentry, photography and, most importantly music. That's why he founded Pahmer Audio, to create the finest “musical instruments” in the world. Our dedication to crafting the perfect audio equipment shows in every product we create, and we take pride in our ability to enhance the listener's musical experience. Choose Pahmer Audio products for superior quality, sound, craftsmanship and value.

Meet the family

Take your home audio experience to the next level with our range of high-quality audio products. From speakers to turntable and accessories, we have most of what you need to create an amazing sound system for your home. Browse our collection today and discover the difference that quality audio can make.

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Equipment Isolators

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coming soon

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Automatic Tonearm

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Pure copper cables
coming soon

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Audio Furniture
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